Impartial: Documentary (2019)

North American Premier: International Christian Film & Music Festival - May 1 to 4, 2019


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Impartial is a feature-length documentary that follows Adam (Producer & Director) on a journey to listen to worldviews different to his own. By first asking questions, Adam discovers that listening to another's opinion is an important prerequisite to sharing his own views. Adam is joined by close friends to help create, film, and edit the entire project as a team with varying backgrounds themselves.

With few determined conclusions, you can safely watch the film with an open mind and explore all that different views, to your own, have to offer. But can you remain Impartial and objectively listen to what each is saying?

Companion Study Guide

Impartial: Study Guide (click image for more information)

Impartial: Study Guide (click image for more information)


Director’s Statement

Impartial is a documentary where a thought-provoking message challenges the audience while withholding obvious answers. The film was created in a way that no matter your worldview you can safely listen, while, maintaining enough depth to challenge even the most convinced. The movie was created to intentionally refrain from the traditional 'in your face' approach a documentary can sometimes provide. While experiencing the movie you will be taken on a candid journey with a group of friends who are content with listening to another's perspective without worrying about the answers that they may hear. We do not seek to provide all possible answers to every hard question, but instead seek to invoke questioning one's self.

Ask yourself, if you are confident in what you believe, why be afraid of another perspective? After all, if you are right, why would anything less than the truth be terrifying?

Most everyone is afraid to begin seeking truth claims, but Impartial is a safe introduction to questioning why we are here, what we should do, how we should do it, and where are we going?


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