Impartial: Study Guide (Coming Soon)

Ever wanted to start talking to people about your beliefs but didn’t know where to start? Does talking to people about God make you nervous? This study guide is going to be available as a companion to the film, complete with six (6) weekly lessons with both personal and group study.

Impartial is THA’s first feature length documentary. As of March 2019, the film has been officially selected by the “International Christian Film & Music Festival” as well as being nominated for “Most Inspirational Documentary”.

Lesson Structure

  • LESSON 1 | Why isn’t anybody listening to me?

  • LESSON 2 | Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

  • LESSON 3 | Can we learn from another’s perspective?

  • LESSON 4 | Is it important to defend your beliefs?

  • LESSON 5 | Should you share your views?

  • LESSON 6 | Why Christianity?

If you wish to pre-order, or have any questions about this study, please use the contact page on this website.

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