Impartial - Documentary (in post-production)

(Release: to be announced)

Impartial is a feature length documentary that started in the spring of 2015. Currently in its post-production phase, it is planned to be released to film festivals fall/winter of 2018/2019 (with any luck).

Impartial seeks to ask the question: are you really being 'Impartial' when you discuss worldviews? Throughout the film I (Adam Collins - Producer | Director) discover that maybe I'm Partial after all.

Teaser Trailer below ↓

Notice: Impartial was previously titled "State of Mind".


The film catalogues a journey of a group of friends on a search for answers to some of life's tough questions. The film mainly focuses on Adam Collins (Director | Producer), who has a specific belief system, but wants to understand people with different beliefs than his own. Throughout the journey the crew hears from people on the street, university professors, scholars of various religions, and people connected to the crew personally. The crew extends their search to 'reasonable' limits, understanding that not everyone has the ability to talk with whomever they want to when trying to find answers. 

In our world, which struggles with understanding true tolerance while still trying to find the truth in all things, they discover new ways to understand how we are all connected. For one example, the crew experiments with empathy by going homeless for a period of time. They share what that has taught them about homelessness.



How could we possibly expect others to listen to our views–worldviews–if we aren’t first willing to listen to theirs. All productive relationships begin with this principle, and all people should strive for great relationships.

The film reveals that true tolerance just might mean responding to the ideas a person has rather than reacting to the person who espouses them.


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