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What does the humble approach mean?

The Humble Approach (THA) is a collective of creators and producers. THA stands behind its philosophy of: in humility we value others above ourselves, not looking to our own interests but instead, the interest of others (Phil. 2:4).


THA is a collective of creators, designers, writers, filmmakers, and artists; all working toward a common goal of creating awesome content. We work together to create products worth consuming that are consistently well planned, safe, and conform to the company policy of humility.

"where an idea meets its creator"



Adam Collins – Producer

Adam is a producer for THA Collective. He is on the front line of content creation and contributes to all divisions of the Collective. Adam is an author, filmmaker, and game designer.

Adam's work: Restoring Balance | Impartial Documentary  (coming soon) | Overwhelmed (coming soon) | Christmas Lights (coming soon)

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Chad Head - Producer

Chad is a producer for THA Collective and heads up game creation for THA Games. He is responsible for game concept design, producing other THA projects, and overseas all aspects of THA Collective.

Chad's work: Christmas Lights (coming soon)

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Matthew Branscombe - Marketing Director

Matthew (Matt) is the marketing director for THA Collective and overseas all aspects of marketing and distribution. Matthew manages social media accounts and ensures project recognition.

Matt has a BBA in marketing.



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Sam Bowdridge - Digital Artist

Sam is a digital artist and is in charge of the artwork for all THA Games projects. Sam has been working on digital and print game design for nearly 10 years.

Sam's work extends beyond board game art; he frequently designs game art for computer games and other digital content.

Sam's work: Christmas Lights (coming soon)

Other work: Sam Bowdridge Artist

Ben Headshot.png

Ben Duncan - Graphic Designer

Ben is the lead graphics designer for THA Collective and has his hand in nearly all projects that run through THA. Ben has extensive experience and knowledge backed up by an amazing portfolio outside of, and within, THA Collective.

Ben's work: Restoring Balance | Impartial Documentary (coming soon) | Overwhelmed (coming soon) | Christmas Lights (coming soon)

Other work: BEN.D Graphics

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Kyle Hurley - Director | Editor

Kyle is co-director and film editor on hand for most THA projects. Kyle has been making videos and working on various film projects for 10+ years and has worked on a number of projects within and out of THA Collective. 

Kyle is the co-director of the feature length documentary 'Impartial' (currently in post-production)

Kyle's work: Impartial Documentary (coming soon) | Christmas Lights (coming soon)

Mark Headshots.png

Mark Moore - Director | Editor

Mark is the main contact for promotional videos for THA Collective projects. Mark has extensive experience in promotional film work

Mark has worked on notable projects including promotional videos for Frigidaire Professional, Discovery Channel, Sports Net, and Dennis Prescott.

Mark's work: Christmas Lights Game (coming soon!)

Other work: Red Lama Media

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